Spearbearers are the hardest, most dependable type of warriors in most societies, the closest thing to a professional soldier. They form the backbone of the warbands. They usually fight in shieldwall formations, where each warrior protects his neighbour.

They can use other weapons than a spear. When the spear is broken or when the press of bodies becomes too great they can use close combat weapons like a sword or an axe, but a Spearbearer will never willingly drop his shield and expose his brothers to the weapons of the enemy.

Allowed fighting styles: Duelist, Protection.

The spearbearer gains the following skills:
Level 3: Allies standing within 5ft of the Spearbearer gain the AC bonus from the Spearbearer’s shield if the enemy is on the other side of the shield.

Level 10: The Spearbearer may use a bonus action to knock an opponent prone with his shield The DC for this is 10 plus the Spearbearer’s STR plus Proficiency

Level 7: The AC bonus of the shield improves by 2.

Level 13: Attacking with a spear gains +2 on the attack roll

Level 18: In addition to knocking someone prone, the shield bash does 1D4 +STR damage


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