Overview of the world

Welcome to Gaia, adventurers! A land where life is harsh, but where people have learned to live together in relative peace, although border skirmishes and raids are frequent.

It has been centuries since the gods walked among us, but their impact cannot be overstated. People fervently worship their gods, be it the wild and unpredictable gods of the Celts, the warlike Varyag gods or the Martyr of the Carolingians.

The known world is divided into the island of Albion in the west, Saxony across a narrow sea in the east, Carland in the south and the peninsulas of the Northlands in the North.

Around these lands is a ring of mountains which are deemed impassable. Myths speak of great empires that fight each other over dry patches of desert. But no-one knows for sure, since none of the expeditions sent across them have returned..

Albion is now mostly home to the Celts. Small enclaves of Varyags and Saxons still exist on the island, but the saxon lands have mostly been reclaimed, although it is an uneasy peace. The Celtic kingdoms often fight amongst themselves, but for the most part the Celts are free to perform their druidic rituals.

Across a narrow sea lies the island of Eire, which is ruled over by a tyrranical bandit king.

The Northlands is a barren wasteland which is unhospitable to human life. Most Varyags have fled it, bringing tales of creatures of fire ravaging the villages from their homes in the mountains.

The zealous Carolingians rule over their Carland in the name of their god, the Martyr. They often go to war on great war horses.

The Saxon kings live in a League of Kings in a cold war with the Carolingians, having forsaken their brethren on Albion. Many is the time a border village is raided by shield bearing saxons.

Overview of the world

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