Celtic Woad

Some Celtic warriors eschew heavy armor in favor of tatoos in blue ink. They say these warriors are blessed by the gods, and are given special powers that ward away blows or lend power to them. A charge by a group of Woads is truly terrifying! Screaming and chanting the names of their gods they are the wrath of Albion personified.

Class features:
Cannot wear heavy armor.
Allowed fighting styles: Duelling, Great weapon fighting or Dual weapon fighting.

Divine Tatoos:
At level 3, 7, 10, 15 and 18 the Woad may go to a Druid, recant his heroic deeds to him, and in return the druid will tatoo him with a divine symbol belonging to a Celtic god. The effects do not stack. The following tatoos can be chosen:

The Morrigan: The tattoo of the Morrigan fills the enemy with fear. The Woad may perform a charge once per short rest and the target must make a Will saving throw against the Woad’s spell saving throw (10+Str+Prof) or the attack will Hit automatically.

Bel: The tatoo of Bel gives it’s wearer healing powers. After getting hit, the Woad may invoke Bel’s name and the wound will not affect him. He may do this once per short rest.

Cernunos: Calling on the power of Cernunos, the Woad can command a beast that he can see or summon one or more fey animals. This works as Dominate Beast and Summon Animals, respectively.

Celtic Woad

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