Mirkwater is a trading port along the river Katonic. Barges come up the river bearing goods and foodstuffs to sell to the merchants, who then sell it on their markets. It is a fortified town, with a sturdy pallisade wall, watchtowers, and guarded primarily by the Mirkwater Militia and assisted at times by the men of the lord of Mirkwater, Lord Christof of Mirkwater.

The city is divided into four quarters. To the west is the Common quarter, which contains the low-quality housing for the common dock workers and other people of low income.

To the south is the High quarter, where the high ranking knights, rich merchants and other officials have their home.

To the west is the Stranger’s quarter. Mirkwood is primarily a human settlement. It’s non-human population is mostly contained within this quarter, except for some high-ranking people who chose to live in the High quarter. These are not further segregated in their own areas but live intermingled, in a break from Mirkwaters’s highly segregated society.

To the north is the city’s busy Trade quarter which contains the docks, warehouses and the great market square where every sunday the goods are sold to people from around Mirkwater.


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